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Business English coaching with the company Svenskt Kött.

Svenskt Kött, known for its commitment to sustainability and animal welfare in meat production, has developed its business English through its collaboration with Executive English. This partnership has been crucial in strengthening the company’s communication and establishing itself as a world leader in these areas.

First of all, Executive English has tailored an effective business English training program for Svenskt Kött. This program focused on improving employees’ English skills in specific areas related to meat production, sustainability, and animal welfare. The training program included exercises, simulations, and discussions relevant to the company’s operations and objectives. By using industry-specific terminology and expressions, Svenskt Kött was able to ensure that their employees were well-equipped to communicate effectively with international partners, customers, and stakeholders.

The results of the collaboration with Executive English have been impressive. Svenskt Kött has strengthened its reputation as a world leader in sustainability and animal welfare by ensuring that its communication in English is clear, precise, and adapted to the requirements of the industry. This has not only increased the company’s credibility in the international arena but has also led to increased business success through established global partnerships and improved relationships with its stakeholders. Executive English has played a crucial role in this success journey by offering customized solutions to develop Svenskt Kötts business English in a way that is relevant and effective for their business.

Business English training with Heidelburg Materials

Executive English is proud to offer customized, high-quality training to Heidelberg Materials.

Our services focus on enhancing professional presentations, facilitating concise and clear oral and written communication, ensuring precision in grammar and pronunciation, and improving overall fluency and flow.

We are dedicated to empowering Heidelberg Materials to excel in the global market and become a leader in their industry.

Like Heidelberg Materials, we can equip you with the toolkit to navigate meetings and convey your message with precision to the Board and investors.

Heidelberg Materials acquired its subsidiaries in Sweden in 1999. The company is the market leader in Sweden in cement and a major player in concrete. The Swedish companies produce cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and prefabricated concrete products.